Those Gulls

Ottawa has an up and coming indie scene.  The city once skipped over on the way to Montreal is starting to push itself out of the basement of forgotten talent and surface with a new sound. Three gents calling themselves Those Gulls are helping to drive the new vibe with their third release and self titled album.

Summed up in one word, this band is fun.  Every once in awhile, you hear a band for the first time and you just know that it was formed on close friendships and an absolute love for music.  In this case, three guys who just want to play their hearts out and have a great time.  Their music seeps into your bones and wraps itself around your head and your heart with clever lyrics, catchy hooks, and commanding drum beats.

Favourites from the album include Your Politics and Swim with Sharks with a very post-punk, in your face, uninhibited energy.  Lyrically, Choke and Say Goodnight are bold and edgy.  However, the biggest surprise on the album was New Light.  Appearing as the last track, it is evidence that Those Gulls understand the importance of embracing instrumental moments to get their point across.  It is also exciting to anticipate what will come from these gents in the future, as it is clear that they have only begun to develop as musicians and certainly are not afraid to try new things.

Those Gulls are one of those rare finds these days, where every song on this album is likeable, and genuine, not over produced.  You can find these Ottawa boys on line at or buy the CD for only $5 online at

Those Gulls are also starting to produce videos down for their most recent release. Catch them on Youtube.  Hilarious….

Love that Shark costume.


Psychedelic Doom… aka Hawkeyes


~ Written Saturday August 27, 2011

Is there anything better then discovering a really great new band? Possibly. For me it is definitely on my top ten list of things to do, especially when I am blown away.  Last night (Friday) I headed to “The Hive” in Kitchener, Ontario to hear a friends band play, and I was in fact “blown away”.

In proper fashion I need to give credit to “The Hive”,which is a great little bar located on King Street, “downtown” Kitchener.  With a fairly large stage, a rocking patio/balcony and parking in the back, it is an excellent venue to catch live bands.

I have been following Hawkeyes for a couple of months on Facebook and I was excited to see them perform, FINALLY!  Members of the band have come together from The Miniatures, The Speakeasies, Saigon Hookers, The Stars Here and Village Idiot.  The guys most certainly have a monster truckload of talent, but that much talent doesn’t always come together to form a cohesive unit and I was curious to see what all the fuss might be about.

The Hawkeyes took the stage around 10:30 and all doubts were put to rest.  I like my music loud.  Especially live.  And this was WAY loud.  With no singer, four guitar players (Friday they had three, the infamous “BUNS” was missing) an amazing bass-guitarist, and a powerhouse drummer, the rattle and hum that comes off the stage is outstanding. With guitar reverb you can feel in your chest and bass/drums that leave your feet tingling, I really couldn’t ask for much more.  There were 3 songs in the 40ish minute set, (some will argue 5, others 1) that left the The Hive, “tranced”.  The ladies I went with described the sound and feeling of the band as “Psychedelic” and as I watched the crowd sway along, I couldn’t have agreed more. With a more then entertaining show, and Hawkeyes meat treats… it was a fantastic Friday evening.

You can follow the adventures of the Hawkeyes at and make sure you keep your eyes open for their next gig!

~Franki Figgs

~ Posted late because of a boy 😀

The Marrieds.

The Marrieds

Jane Carmichael & Kevin Kennedy are “The Marrieds”.  During the now infamous “Snowmageddon” of London, Ontario (December 2010) the duo posted three “snow” songs which, within just a few short days, received over 10,000 hits and had gained the attention of CBC radio.  Their self-titled first release came out this August.

I downloaded their album from iTunes last week and listened to it in the car on a trip to Toronto.  Perfect road trip music, soulful, fun and extremely catchy.  I will even admit to having “Take Me to California” on repeat most of the return trip home.

The twosome have been performing across Ontario this summer, and have rapidly become favourites of fresh air festivals everywhere.  Jane & Kevin are endearing and charming, and are hitting the stage with a fresh sound that is bringing a hip new “folky-pop” to a younger generation. Reminiscent of Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, who once recorded their first album in their kitchen and went on to live in the hearts of music lovers forever, if you haven’t already had the pleasure, take the time to fall in love with The Marrieds.

The Marrieds are available on iTunes, or you check out their Facebook page