Ten Pretty Hawt Women in Hollywood!

Where there are boys… there are girls.  In effort accommodate what I hope is a multi-gendered readership,I have written a Ten Pretty Hawt Women in Hollywood list, in follow-up to my men’s list.  I am not going to apologize for leaving off my list some of the women that have hit the top ten for GQ, Askmen, etc., because although their bodies are undeniably “hot”, in many cases the personalities or bad habits of some of these hotties are a total turn off, especially for a mostly straight woman…. Below is a list of women who offer something more the just a great rack, nice set of legs or a bunch of hot sex scenes, although most of them clear all three categories as well.  Add your favorites in the comments section as always…. and Cheers!

10. Emmanuelle Chriqui

Hawt Because: Sexy and desirable not just for her looks, or for being a Canadian native, but for her ability to remain mysterious in an age where paparazzi-driven over exposure is de regulieré. Reminiscent of old Hollywood culture, this beauty has taken the professional highroad leaving her personal life just that, personal.  Hitting every sexy or hot list known to man in the last two years, this stunner, who looks good in everything she puts on, leaves a lot to the imagination, which is definitely part of the allure.

Movies: Taking Chances, 5 Days of War, Girls Walk Into a Bar

See Her Next In: A Sci-Fi due out in 2012 called Omphalos.

Hottest Moment: Have you seen the episode of Entourage called “Bottoms Up!”  The anal sex scene where she calls E “a pussy” …. hahahaha!

9. Yvonne Strakovski

Hawt Because:  She is sexy secret agent Sarah Walker on the NBC series Chuck, where her co-stars have given her the nickname “Starhotski”.  This girl is tall (almost six feet in heels), lean and muscular in a very feminine way, as well as bodilisciously stacked to the nines.  With an adorable Australian accent and a humble and charming way about her in interviews, I was thrilled  to see her finally starting to diversify by showing up on the silver screen this year.  Bonus Points are totally given to her for always being drop dead gorgeous regardless of costume or fight scene.

Movies: I Love You Too and Killer Elite

See Her Next In: A comedy with Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand called My Mother’s Curse due out in 2012.

Hottest Moment: Definitely the Belly Dancing scene from this past season of Chuck.  She is adorable…. as is CHUCK by the way.

8. Emily Blunt

Hawt Because: The girl has a physically toned body that would make it easy to mistake her for a world-class athlete at the top of her game, and yet she is known for her ability to act not her smokin body.  Adding to her appeal is her adorable British accent and perhaps her equally adorable marriage to John Krasinski.  Emily taught the women of the world about what a sleeze bag Michael Bublé truly is and therefore sky rocketed forward as one of the coolest ladies ever.

Movies: The Devil Wears Prada, The Adjustment Bureau, The Young Victoria

See Her Next In: The Muppets as Miss Piggy’s Receptionist!

Hottest Moment: So, maybe not her hottest moment, but certainly her most endearing moment, is her role in The Devil Wears Prada as the tragically stylish and hilarious Emily!

7. Marion Cotillard

Hawt Because: Marion has an elegance about her and a radiance that sets her apart from other Hollywood starlets.  With an inviting gaze that says “Comment ca va?” and, let’s face it, a body that says “Voulez vous couche avec moi?”, she is an alluring wonder that is hard to resist.  Bonus points to her for being an avid environmentalist and a spokeswoman for Greenpeace.

Movies: Public Enemies, Nine, Inception, Contagion

See Her Next In: Rust and Bone in 2012.

Hottest Moment: Her role as Louisa Contini in Nine.  Amongst a stellar cast of powerful women, this little lady stood out like a shiny little diamond in the rough. Just rewatched the clip for the first time in ages…. she is amaze ballz.

6. Zooey Deschanel

Hawt Because: Measuring in at a modest 34-25-35, Zooey has been called a super beauty for the “hipster set” with eyes that have the power to stop a man in his tracks.  Despite her lack of bombastic curves and the fact that she doesn’t undergo drastic transformative changes every other month, the girl is something of a chameleon.  Round-eyed and girl-next-door one moment, a boyish waif the next, heavy metal vixen at one turn, and Hollywood glamour at the next.  She steals a strippers good name in that she can be who ever you want her to be, with little change.

Movies: Failure to Launch, The Happening, Our Idiot Brother

See Her Soon In: A new TV series called The New Girl

Hottest Moment: As the quirky and maddening Kit in Failure to Launch.

5. Emma Stone

Hawt Because: Only her early 20’s and Emma has already hit every possible list for Hollywood’s Hottest, Sexiest, and Up and Coming on the planet Earth.  Actually a blonde, who went red under the direction of Judd Aptow in Superbad and decided to own the look, our little Emma has taken Hollywood by storm over the past few years.  Unlike some of her other “colleagues” Emma has manged to keep a squeaky clean image, proving that “class” still exists amongst the younger generation of actresses.  Totally cute, adorable  and sexy, with amazing comedic timing to boot!, she has been a favourite for quite some time.

Movies: Superbad, Easy A, Zombieland, The Help

See Her Next In: Movie 43 with Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler

Hottest Moment: Again, maybe not her HOTTEST scene….. but definitely one of the reasons she is on this list.

4. Eva Mendes

Hawt Because: A self-proclaimed “girls girl”, this lady embraces everything it is to be a woman.  The men of the world like to ogle this buxom babes fabulous physique, while the women of the world can appreciate the fact that she flaunts her oh so feminine curves.  This is what women who take care of themselves and eat, look like.  Bravo!

Movies: Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Hitch, The Other Guys, Fast Five

She Her Next In: A comedy with Matthew Modine and Patricia Arquette

Hottest Moment: Standing in nothing but lingerie in the movie The Women, telling Meg Ryan that she didn’t steal her husband because “Women don’t steal other women’s husbands, they come willingly”…. ahahaha

3. Rachel McAdams

Hawt Because: Aside from her stellar acting abilities, which have given her a very successful run of films and a wide variety of roles, this little chickadee is pure Canadian, and totally sexy. Part of her charm is that she attempts to lead a regular life when not filming, living in Toronto, and biking around the city and riding the subway like a normal human. She might be more cute and girl-next-door like, then sexy vixen, but I don’t know a single guy that would kick her out of bed. With a killer smile, high cheekbones, and those damn dimples, Rachel commands the camera, which is always very kind to her.

Movies: Mean Girls, The Notebook, The Family Stone, Sherlock Holmes

See Her Next In: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Hottest Moment: The world fell in love with her in Mean Girls playing Regina George, the hilarious creation of the Honourable Ms. Tina Fey

2. Mila Kunis

Hawt Because:  After watching Mila whine her way through eight years of That 70’s Show as the irritating Jackie and voice the awkward and annoying Meg Griffin on Family Guy, it might come as a shock that she hits this list, especially this close to top.  She graces the list for two important reasons. One, she grew up in the Hollywood scene, amongst the rich and notorious and yet has remained almost unknown until her break out role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where we realized that little Miss Mila had grown up right before our eyes without the paparazzi squelching on her every move, without a police record, and without her name scandalously being lit up like a neon sign in headlines for Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood, which sends her hotness quotient off the charts.  The second reason, is of course, the sex scene between her and Natalie Portman in Black Swan.  That scene would make any straight woman consider playing for the other team as long as it was Mila calling the shots.

Movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Black Swan, Friends with Benefits

See Her Soon In: Seth MacFarlane’s next film with Mark Wahlberg and Giovanni Ribisi

Hottest Moment:  She had some pretty great scenes with Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits, but the scene with Portman in Black Swan still blows everything else away.

1. Scarlett Johansson

Hawt Because: Woody Allen has called Scarjo “sexually overwhelming”. Everything from her smokey voice to her famous cleavage, she drives men, boys and most women, bananas.  Aside from her looks, the lady is incredibly intelligent and witty, which has allowed her to move past the typecast of the bossomy bimbo, into creative and diverse roles.  This pretty lady also has a pretty not bad voice, and the song Realtor with Pete Yorn hit the Billboard Top 100 in the summer of 2009 for a short time.

Movies: The Other Boelyn Girl, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Lost in Translation, Iron Man 2

See Her Next In: Iron Man 3 due out in 2013.

Hottest Moment: “Did you just say dry hump?”

Movie Information collected from IMDb

I have no ownership over the photos or video clips in the post.  Original rights and ownerships protected


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