Top Ten Disney Villains

Tuesday is going to be the day of the Top Ten List.  Every Tuesday (time being on my side), I will post a list of Top Ten something or others. I am a huge fan of the Top Ten.  In honour of my first “Top Ten Tuesday” (I just keep getting lamer), and because I recently had to fetch my box of VHS tapes from my parents house and stumbled upon my Disney Collection!, today I give you my Top Ten Disney Villains.  Please feel free to add your own favourites in the comments section. * Spoilers, not many but a few*

Villain – A person guilty or capable of a crime or wickedness.

10.  Dr. Facilier

Stars In: The Princess & the Frog

Nemesis: Tiana & Naveen

Claim to Infamy: He snuffs “Ray the Firefly”, the heartless bastard.

Top Ten Because: A “new sinner on the block” compared to the some of the other evil-doers on the list, Dr. Facilier is none-the-less frightening.  A voodoo casting, tarot reading, bokor ( a voodoo magician who practices white and black magic), Facilier brings new and unique ways to conduct evil with his smooth-talking, charming and sinister ways. Setting the stage for his “Friends from the Other Side” to feast on the souls of the people of New Orleans and place him in power, this villain has risen quickly past some of the less persistent villains to appear on “the list”.

Villainous Quote: “Now we’re cooking!  We’re gonna find ourselves a frog. Search everywhere; The bayou, the quarter… bring him to me alive. I need his heart pumping… for now.”

9.  The Queen of Hearts

Stars In: Alice in Wonderland

Nemesis: Anyone who looks at her the wrong way.

Claim to Infamy: The Queen of Hearts would feel right at home beside King Henry the VIII.  They hold the same views on decapitating the innocent.

Top Ten Because: Temper, temper my lady!  Not unlike another infamous royal, the Queen of Hearts loves to lop of the heads of those in her court who…. well… do anything to displease her really.  Whether it is a poor croquet shot, painting her roses red or not saying “yes your majesty” obnoxiously enough, this monarch is the be all end all in the book of “Bitch”.

Villainous Quote: “Off with her head!”

8.  Ursula

Stars In: The Little Mermaid

Nemesis: Ariel, King Triton, Prince Eric and Sebastian

Claim to Infamy: This DIVA of epic proportions gets her jolly’s by “stealing merfolks souls”.

Top Ten Because: Based on the drag queen ‘Divine’ and one of, if not the only “heavy-set” Disney villains.  Reversing the order to take it up a notch, Ursula turns herself from a scheming, manipulative octopus into a beautiful, enchanting and manipulative maiden, in order to ensure victory.  Her end battle in the ocean is pretty scary and she suffers one of the most epic villain deaths in the history of Disney.

Villainous Quote:  “The child is in love with a human.  And not just any human… a prince!!  Her daddy’ll love that…”

7.  Gaston

Stars In: Beauty & the Beast

Nemesis: The furniture of the Beast’s castle.

Claim to Infamy:  After the Beast spares his life the jerk turns around and stabs him in the back.

Top Ten Because:  Before Chuck Norris became a God on the internet, we had Gaston to teach us all about manliness… via song.  A narcissistic, egotistical, and rude meat head, he is the guy that just can’t take NO for an answer.  Entrapment, blackmail and attempted murder all in the efforts to marry the only other pretty person in his village. Pretty sure he was type-cast after an ex-boyfriend….

Villainous Quote: “It is not right for a woman to read.  Soon she starts getting *ideas* and *thinking*…”

6.  Scar

Stars In: The Lion King

Nemesis: Simba

Claim to Infamy: He looks his brother right in the eyes before shoving him off a cliff to his death.  Ouch.

Top Ten Because: This sinister yet smug antagonist, defies and dispatches family members in a very Hamlet-like quest to over take the throne.  Snide, ruthless, and deliciously reprehensible, Scar, with his slow swagger and deep foreboding seductive voice is down right horrifying.

Scary Quote: “Look Simba.  You are in trouble again.  But this time Daddy isn’t here to help you, and everyone knows *why*”.

5.  Mother Gothel

Stars In: Tangled

Nemesis: Rapunzel & Flynn

Claim to Infamy:  Willing to go to hell in a hand bag, just to ensure she gets no greys.

Top Ten Because: Awesome, theatrical and beautiful, Mother Gothel uses her “adopted” daughters love (ok, kidnapped princess’s love) to manipulate and brainwash her into believing that the world is a scary and evil place outside of the sanctity of their tower.  In the age-old quest to remain “forever young” this villainess is not above kidnapping, aiding criminals, general douche baggery and murder…

Scary Quote: “Great!  Now *I’m* the bad guy!

4.  Cruella de Vil

Stars In: 101 Dalmations

Nemesis: Fur Babies Everywhere!

Claim to Infamy:  This stick bugs goal was to assemble a “spotted coat” created with the fur of dozens of cute puppies!

Top Ten Because: Rich, rail thin and smarmy as all get out, Cruella embodies the very definition of the word materialistic.  With a dreadful cackle, a ferocious (if not somewhat boss)car, she drives (literally) the fear into pets and people alike!  With one of the most badass villain songs ever written into a Disney movie score… Cruella …. Cruella.. De Vil!

Scary Quote:  “Poison them! Drown them! Bash them on the head!”

3.  The Queen

Stars In: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Nemesis: Snow White, Doc, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy and Bashful

Claim to Infamy:  She ordered Snow White’s assassin to carve out her heart and bring it as proof that the deed had been done.  Even serial killers aren’t that cold…

Top Ten Because: A beautiful, vain, cold queen that turns into a freakish, scary and sinister hag when she doesn’t get what she wants…. sounds like the average bar star on a Friday night.  Still one of the most ingenious and nefarious characters ever drawn by Disney, The Queen will remain on many lists and as a classic for years to come.

Scary Quote:  “Mirror, mirror, on the wall.  Who is the fairest of them all?”

2.  Judge Claude Frollo

Stars In: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Nemesis: Quasimodo & Esmeralda

Claim to Infamy: He tries to kill a baby, psychologically and verbally abuses said baby for twenty some odd years, commits mass genocide against the gypsies, and then blames God for all of it.

Top Ten Because:  His inhumanity, self-righteousness and cruelty to Quasimodo were more than enough to put him into the top five on my list, but once he starts sleezing on Esmerelda you realize how ” human” and disgusting his perversions truly are which placed him into the #2 spot.  A high-ranking religious figure, with the will to destroy an entire culture, no magic, and no sidekick needed, just all-consuming faith and hatred.  For me, Judge Frollo is scary because men like him really exist.

Scary Quote: “The sentence for insubordination is death.  Such a pity.  You threw away a promising career.”

1. Malificent

Stars In: Sleeping Beauty

Nemesis: Princess Aurora (Briar Rose) & the Three Good Fairies (Flora, Fauna, Merryweather)

Claim to Infamy: No one likes to be intentionally forgotten, especially off such a prestigious guest list, but the cursing of a baby to death, seems a little extreme.

Top Ten Because:  The self-proclaimed “mistress of all evil” unleashes her dread and doom on the kingdom all for spite.  Better yet, this crazy vixen holds a grudge to boot!  For sixteen years her menacing curse lies over the people of King Stefan’s kingdom.  Haunting green eyes, the ability to turn into a fire-breathing dragon (bonus) and with a nefarious raven named Diablo (double bonus) to do her espionage for her, there is no question that this nightmarish evil fairy belongs on the top of the list.

Scary Quote:  “Now you shall deal with ME, o Prince – and all the powers of hell!”