Sing with Reckless Abandon

Three months.  I can hardly believe how fast time is getting away from me these days.  I have always been a workaholic so it never surprises me when I loose touch with everything but I love this blog, and it almost scares me that my real life has been able to tear me away for as long as it has.  As much as I love my current position and the work that I do, the one thing that I struggle with is the fact that there is no music allowed in the office. Actually, there is no music in the facility at all… So I am sure that you can appreciate the excitement felt when the day is finally done and I can rush out to my car, close the door into my own kind of serenity as I reach over, turn on the car, and crank my stereo as loud as I possibly can.  Singing with windows and lungs open alike to whatever is in the CD player or on the radio releases all the tensions of the day for me, sheds the stress or the negative emotions and anxiety.  Music is truly the only therapy that completely heals me, and in just a short drive home. This weeks Sunday Seven is in honour of the songs I wail with reckless abandon to heal whatever my soul needs release from. Some will surprise you I am sure… they still surprise me 🙂 













Album: DIARY








Album: LOUD










For the Birds – Issue #4

I miss my blog. I miss the music. I miss thinking about music and the way it makes me feel. I have come to the realization that my neglect to my blog space has also meant that I have neglected my love of a casual Sunday listening to music and doing nothing else. So today, for the first time in 2012, I did just that on this Sunday. Nothing. Well, almost nothing… I ate some yummy German Roulades and Dumplings and of course will write this Sunday Seven, but the majority of my day was spent listening to new music, old favourites and chilling on my couch. For some reason the women of my music catalogue got me today and I realized quite often I overlook the talented women who inspire me with their unique sound and enormous talents. So today’s Sunday Seven is dedicated to some of the “Birds” of the music world. Cheers!


Artist: KIMBRA

Album: VOWS


























Local Love – Issue #3

The summer of 2011 has come and long gone on the swift wings of beautiful weather and an alcohol induced haze. Looking back, it is difficult to say where time went, but one thing is for certain along with the patio lanterns and sandy beach glory, it was a blissfully musical season. It is the ultimate joy of a band girl. The ability to do the watermelon crawl home from ones favourite watering hole, outdoor festival or concert after listening and falling in lust with a new amazing talent. Being able to savour that happy glow of something new and interesting as you enjoy the breezy warm night air and the heightened conversation, that is always uniquely intense after an amazing show. This Monday I am adding a Special Edition of the Sunday Seven…. which is actually going to be a Sunday Ten. A variation of this blog post is going to appear on Live Nations Facebook page in and around December 31st, 2011 and I wanted to ensure it graced my own blog site first. The bands in this Sunday Seven which is actually a Ten and on a Monday, all hail from Ontario, Canada. All ten were newly discovered this past summer season and all ten were lust at first listen, either for their amazing live performance or brilliantly unique sound. Cheers!

The Blues Stones




Album: THE BLUE STONES (Self-Titled)



Worthy Because:

Call the Office in London, Ontario is a place where everybody who is anybody has graced the stage on his or her rise to glory. It can be an intimidating location to play to say the least. The venue was as full as it had been all night when The Blue Stones took the stage just after midnight. It has been a stellar night of local talent and these two young gents had a lot to live up to in order to keep the frenzied vibe of the night going. Within minutes of starting into their set they had dismantled my ageist and otherwise groundless skepticism with their tight bass/blues infused rock sound. Tarek’s simplistic guitar work complimented his falsetto vocals, and it became clear as I glanced around why the front of the stage had become infested with woman. The guy’s voice and stage presence is pure chick-magnate; whether engineered or by divine design, it melts hearts. Justin’s impressive, tasteful and minimalist drumming grabs your attention, and holds you through the entire set. This duo are classy, multi-talented and with years ahead of them have unlimited potential.

A Little Taste of Love:

Whale Tooth


Genre: Hip Pop!


Album: WHALE TOOTH (Self-Titled)



Worthy Because:

Picture this: it is a gorgeous sunny day, you are standing along the stage at a brand new venue that looks and feels like a seaside beach, on the glorious Toronto harbour front. Sipping back cold Corona, enjoying the company of the growing crowd that is forming in front of the stage, and people watching with your sunglasses on. Looking around you can’t help but think, “Man it is truly a beautiful day to be alive”. With the first notes of their first song you are instantly catapulted out of your summer daze and straight into the fiery set of Whale Tooth, by their enigmatic energy, their soulful touch and a natural ability to lure you in. Whale Tooth possesses a happy magic that doesn’t come easy. A rare talent that is derived from something innate, and real. Lead vocalist Elise is an absolute phenom on stage, not just for her velvety vocal talents but because she is a huge ball of energy and remains fueled up on octane and adrenaline from start to finish. This group stole the night for me; every band after them fell short of their charm and style, including Sloan, who we had all showed up to see. If you have the chance to catch them live, DO IT.

A Little Taste of Love:

Saigon Hookers







Worthy Because:

Sometimes in life, as a true blooded band girl, it is imperative to see a band live because rumor and urban legend dictates that it is the only way they should be heard. So you stuff your slightly drunk body into an overheated, tiny space full of very-drunk bodies that for some reason are always super sticky and wet. This is how Hookers need to be seen… in a small sweaty bar… full of last call drunks. No strangers to the music scene, Hookers have an undeniable chemistry, creating dripping rock that tantalizes and teases while embracing the blue collar approach that one should work, and work hard for the craft they love. Filled to the brim with talent, aggression and enough testosterone to kill the cast of Jersey Shore, Hookers are in fact becoming one of Southwestern Ontario’s hottest commodities.

A Little Taste of Love:

The Dyadics




Album: THE DYADICS (Self-Titled)



Worthy Because:

Keen in keeping brilliant company on the stage, local filmmaker Rob McCallum welcomed The Dyadics to open his benefit gig for the film Unearthly, and they did not disappoint. London Ontario has been fortunate enough to watch this band grow and develop and it’s without a doubt they’ve truly found their stride. Lead Kevin Kennedy has developed an endearing persona onstage whose vocal range and passion emanated throughout the room, enhanced further as the bodies began to pour in. Matt Weston’s uncanny rhythm section is almost as amazing to watch as it is to listen to ask he plays the percussion bass and the drums at the same time. The band knows how to write a quality song, a rare trait that would normally make a band stand out alone, but for The Dyadics it is just one of many things that makes them a pleasure to experience again and again. They were truly the perfect opener to a phenomenal evening.

A Little Taste of Love:

Those Gulls




Album: THOSE GULLS (Self-Titled)

Discovered: FACEBOOK


Worthy Because:

Do you have a road trip CD? You know, that album that you play over and over LOUD, singing into your thumb/microphone, enjoying every single song on repeat? This is the self-titled CD by Those Gulls for me this summer. I found these gents by clicking on a link on a friends Facebook page and instantly fell in love with the charisma, chemistry and raw talent of this trio. There is a lot of heart in this hard working band from Ottawa, whose infectious surf punk/indie alternative sound is a sensory assault that is too fun and too groovy to ignore. If this band stays on the trail they are beginning to blaze, they will be the best thing to come out of Ottawa since…. well… help me out here?

A Little Taste of Love:

The Marrieds




Album: THE MARRIEDS (Self-Titled)



Worthy Because:

This little folk pop duo creates music that is beautiful, heartfelt and never fails to transport me to a happier place. Jane’s understated and delightful vocals are perfectly complimented by a mix of ukulele, guitar and the pure poetry of their lyrics. This husband and wife duet embraces the heart of folk and pop and infuses it into an energetic and powerful concoction. The overwhelming sheer talent of this twosome is beautiful to watch live and has brought to life some of those little Canadian tidbits this country has become known for: diversity & heart.

A Little Taste of Love:

The Hippy Mafia







Worthy Because:

There are few bands I’ve romanticized  more so then The Hippy Mafia. They are sexy and dirty and very urban and unapologetic, which makes them a force to be reckoned with on during their live performances. These gents are the perfect example of what happens when a group of very talented, musically gifted manfolk get together and create something truly unique and special without bias of music genre holding them back. The absolute inimitability of their indie electro hip-hop rock n’ roll is like raw heat that ripples off the stage and onto the listener transporting them into the messages of their music, messages of peace love and oneness without borders. This multi-national group was so surprising, so overwhelmingly sexy and divine on stage that I forgot that I had actually shown up to see Beady Eye. Looking so forward to these gents returning from their United Kingdom tour and showing Southwestern Ontario a little Hippie love this spring.

A Little Taste of Love:








Worthy Because:

One could argue that given Hawkeyes musical resume, it’s almost as though they’re cheating, but no one ever read me the rules of rock n’ roll. SS is in his true element behind a drum kit. The man was born to hit things, and to hit them exceptionally, ear-shatteringly hard. Guitarist Streetknife rocks harder then 99% of the music community, which is why I am certain this man will one day be revered as a god. Guitarist PF played centre stage and though he may look nothing like his fellow Hawkeyes, PF is what really holds this force of a band together. RA’s hilarious stage antics and contradictory sexy cool demeanor creates a down to earth feeling about the band that despite their experience and obvious talent they don’t take themselves too seriously. Finally rocking bassist Blackout lends to the absolute swagger of the band that can be defined only as “doomy and loud”. Kaiser the other, other Hawkeyes guitarist was sadly absent from the performance I caught this summer. Living on the edge of their mantra of “Tune Down and Turn Up” this band coaxed the late night crowd into a tripped out ambiance, performing with every sense of their collective being.

A Little Taste of Love:








Worthy Because:

Danny Paton has a smoky, cowlick howl supported by an energetic and authentically interesting band that evokes excitement and fervour.  The Toronto/London, Ontario based six-piece have an extremely energy-driven, sometimes haunting tension about them, a presence that is illuminated by the sweet sounds of such an array of talent coming together. The thing about Hue is they know how to work together, whether it’s when playing softer tracks like the amorous “Follow” or the amped up intensity of tracks like “The Bump,” they never lose their spirit, in fact, they refreshingly play off of each other and build their performance based around this chemistry. It makes for an enigmatic, unforgettable show that promises greater things. This is not a band to miss.

A Little Taste of Love:

The Beauties




Album: THE BEAUTIES (Self-Titled)



Worthy Because:

I have to digress here, just for a moment, to discuss how amazing the crowd at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto, Ontario is on a Sunday night. It is a testament to the power of a band as talented as The Beauties in their ability to mesmerize and capture a room. The crowd sang and, more importantly, felt every song the band played. An inherent attribute to The Beauties success is simply their ability to move you – to make those fine little hairs on your arms stand up as a shiver creeps down your spine. They make you happy, they make you sad, and it comes across so naturally time ceases to exist. Performing with an elegance and ambiance that comes with confidence in ones craft and maturity I am giving them total kudos for making a stuffy venue packed to the core feel so empowering.

A Little Taste of Love:

Poorly Tied Laces and Mistimed Places – Issue #2

You may not be her first, her last or her only.  She loved before, she may love again.  But if she loves you now, what else matters?  She’s not perfect – you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break – her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than she can give.  Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you made, and miss her when she’s not there.  Sunday Seven has been extended to seventeen because my fluff-possessed brain couldn’t select just seven today.  Cheers!


I Know It’s Over




Her Space Holiday




For Real




3 Rounds and a Sound




I’ll Fight

Artist: WILCO



Can’t Go Back Now




Trouble Sleeping




Always Like This




Lover I Don’t Have to Love





Artist: LYKKE LI



A Girl, A Boy & A Graveyard




Hiding My Heart

Artist: ADELE



Lackluster Love




After the Storm




Almost Lover




The Ladder




The Way It Ends




All videos are property of the posters and the artists.

Ten Movies to See Over the Holidays – 2011

I am not really sure what the reasoning is…. but I always seem to go to the movies A LOT over the holiday season.  It may be because I actually despise this time of year and find solace in the quiet theatre vs. out in the malls or driving around being blinded by the “holiday cheer”throwing up all over the place. I dislike mall shopping on a GOOD day, but after November 1st I break out in a nervous sweat at even the thought or a mention of having to cross the threshold into one of the local consumer frenzy houses, with people pretending to be jolly and carols playing over the intercom systems just loud enough to make my ears want to bleed and my gag reflex to kick in.  Now that I have shared how I will be spending my Tuesdays and Fridays for the next month or two, I thought today I would share with you the Ten Movies I am most excited to see this holiday season.  The are ranked 10-1…. 1 being the film that has me most excited…. there is one film in the list not coming out until the first week of January but … the despair and bankruptcy of the holiday season are still pretty fresh the first week of the new year, so I have left it included.

10. Arthur Christmas 

Release Date: November 23rd

Starring: James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Bill Nighy

Directed by: Sarah Smith

Synopsis:On Christmas night at the North Pole, Santa’s youngest son looks to use his father’s high-tech operation for an urgent mission.

Thoughts: OK… OK! I have to have one cartoon Christmas movie…. and the old Santa’s humour cracks me up in the trailer…. I will give it a go…. just this one though….


9. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Release Date: December 9th

Starring: Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy

Directed by: Tomas Alfredson

Synopsis: In the bleak days of the Cold War, espionage veteran George Smiley is forced from semi-retirement to uncover a Soviet agent within MI6’s echelons.

Thoughts: The book was fantastic, which means the movie will probably be dreadful, but the book was fantastic ….


8. The Devil Inside 

Release Date: January 6, 2012

Starring: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth

Directed by: William Brent Bell

Synopsis: In Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcism during her mission to discover what happened to her mother, who allegedly murdered three people during her own exorcism

Thoughts: Well, the trailer scares the beegeezus out of me… and if the trailer scares me… I can only hope the film does the same. Besides, it is about religion which is kind of like Christmas, non?


7. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Release Date: December 21st

Starring: The Gay Midget Dwarf, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton

Directed by: Brad Bird

Synopsis: The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization’s name.

Thoughts: So I despise Tom Cruise almost as much as I despise Christmas, but I have to admit that after seeing the trailer for this film, I want to see it. And since it is full of explosions, car scenes and other amazing special effects to make up for Cruise’s inability to act, it needs to be seen on the big screen.


6. Hugo 

Release Date: November 23rd

Starring: Asa Butterfeild, Chole Grace Moretz, Christopher Lee

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

Synopsis: Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton.

Thoughts: While still promising to be dark, I have always wondered what a “family friendly” Scorsese film would look like. Definitely a must see.


5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Release Date: December 16th

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams

Directed by: Guy Ritchie

Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson join forces to outwit and bring down their fiercest adversary, Professor Moriarty.

Thoughts: Loved the first film.  Love Downey as Holmes and Law as Watson, and love love their chemistry. Downey will forever in my mind be “the come back kid”, and I can’t help but support all of his efforts, even the ones that might not be so fantabulous.


4. We Bought a Zoo

Release Date: December 23rd

Starring: Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson

Directed by: Cameron Crowe

Synopsis:Set in Southern California, a father moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a struggling zoo.

Thoughts: Cliché or not, I have been a fan of Crowe since Almost Famous. The movie spoke to me on every level, and I have been waiting, and hoping for another Crowe film to speak to me again. I am not sure this is going to be it. First off Matt Damon is in the film, secondly there are children involved, however, as a full supporter of Team Cameron, I will spend the $12.00 to catch this on the big screen, and sit with my fingers crossed that he will whisk me away once again.


3. A Dangerous Method

Release Date: November 23rd

Starring: Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender

Directed by: David Cronenberg

Synopsis: A look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.

Thoughts: You are CRAZY if you don’t want to see this one… pun intended.


2. The Muppets

Release Date: November 23rd

Starring: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fonzi the Bear & Gonzo

Directed by: James Bobin

Synopsis: With the help of three fans, The Muppets must reunite to save their old theater from a greedy oil tycoon.

Thoughts: Do I really need to explain why you need to get out and see this film? Take your date, take your children, take your grandma, take a stranger, I really don’t care. It is the Muppets. Do it!


1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Release Date: December 21st

Starring: Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig

Directed by: David Fincher

Synopsis: Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander, a young computer hacker.

Thoughts: The trilogy of books by Stieg-Larsson is one of the best series I have ever read. I admit I was slightly distressed when I heard that this film was being “Americanized”, but after watching the transformation of Mara to become Lisbeth Salander I am convinced Fincher will do justice to the character.


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Sunday Seven – Issue #1

I spend a lot of time on time on the internet on Sundays, especially during the NFL football season.  Checking my picks and watching the games not available on the local cable stations, I sit in my office chair and stair at the screen for hours, literally. Phone calls, blog postings and reading the news break up the monotony of staring at the monitor, however, the one thing that makes time fly by and has become a tradition/sick addiction of my Sunday surfing, is listening to a LOT of music online. Searching music catalogues and exploring the deep dusty corners of music I have loved in the past, brings about a whole lot of nostalgia and one or two new album additions to the redonkulous iTunes collection.  I thought it might be agreeable to share with you my fellow bloggers, and people who stumble onto this site, my musical finds of the day with a Sunday Seven List.  It will be a mixed bag of genres and stylings as I listen to anything and everything and have a very wide appreciation and love for music.  If you don’t like it, you don’t have to listen…. The songs on this list are either new to me, or were an obscure part of my past that have come back to life.  Unlike some other lists on this blog, they are not posted in any particular order. Cheerios!

Family Waves




Kiss With a Fist


Album: LUNGS


Beach Front Property






Album: B.R.M.C.


Bless the Weather




Entrance Song




Love You Madly

Artist: CAKE



All videos and music in this blog post are property of the artists. 

Ten Pretty Hawt Women in Hollywood!

Where there are boys… there are girls.  In effort accommodate what I hope is a multi-gendered readership,I have written a Ten Pretty Hawt Women in Hollywood list, in follow-up to my men’s list.  I am not going to apologize for leaving off my list some of the women that have hit the top ten for GQ, Askmen, etc., because although their bodies are undeniably “hot”, in many cases the personalities or bad habits of some of these hotties are a total turn off, especially for a mostly straight woman…. Below is a list of women who offer something more the just a great rack, nice set of legs or a bunch of hot sex scenes, although most of them clear all three categories as well.  Add your favorites in the comments section as always…. and Cheers!

10. Emmanuelle Chriqui

Hawt Because: Sexy and desirable not just for her looks, or for being a Canadian native, but for her ability to remain mysterious in an age where paparazzi-driven over exposure is de regulieré. Reminiscent of old Hollywood culture, this beauty has taken the professional highroad leaving her personal life just that, personal.  Hitting every sexy or hot list known to man in the last two years, this stunner, who looks good in everything she puts on, leaves a lot to the imagination, which is definitely part of the allure.

Movies: Taking Chances, 5 Days of War, Girls Walk Into a Bar

See Her Next In: A Sci-Fi due out in 2012 called Omphalos.

Hottest Moment: Have you seen the episode of Entourage called “Bottoms Up!”  The anal sex scene where she calls E “a pussy” …. hahahaha!

9. Yvonne Strakovski

Hawt Because:  She is sexy secret agent Sarah Walker on the NBC series Chuck, where her co-stars have given her the nickname “Starhotski”.  This girl is tall (almost six feet in heels), lean and muscular in a very feminine way, as well as bodilisciously stacked to the nines.  With an adorable Australian accent and a humble and charming way about her in interviews, I was thrilled  to see her finally starting to diversify by showing up on the silver screen this year.  Bonus Points are totally given to her for always being drop dead gorgeous regardless of costume or fight scene.

Movies: I Love You Too and Killer Elite

See Her Next In: A comedy with Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand called My Mother’s Curse due out in 2012.

Hottest Moment: Definitely the Belly Dancing scene from this past season of Chuck.  She is adorable…. as is CHUCK by the way.

8. Emily Blunt

Hawt Because: The girl has a physically toned body that would make it easy to mistake her for a world-class athlete at the top of her game, and yet she is known for her ability to act not her smokin body.  Adding to her appeal is her adorable British accent and perhaps her equally adorable marriage to John Krasinski.  Emily taught the women of the world about what a sleeze bag Michael Bublé truly is and therefore sky rocketed forward as one of the coolest ladies ever.

Movies: The Devil Wears Prada, The Adjustment Bureau, The Young Victoria

See Her Next In: The Muppets as Miss Piggy’s Receptionist!

Hottest Moment: So, maybe not her hottest moment, but certainly her most endearing moment, is her role in The Devil Wears Prada as the tragically stylish and hilarious Emily!

7. Marion Cotillard

Hawt Because: Marion has an elegance about her and a radiance that sets her apart from other Hollywood starlets.  With an inviting gaze that says “Comment ca va?” and, let’s face it, a body that says “Voulez vous couche avec moi?”, she is an alluring wonder that is hard to resist.  Bonus points to her for being an avid environmentalist and a spokeswoman for Greenpeace.

Movies: Public Enemies, Nine, Inception, Contagion

See Her Next In: Rust and Bone in 2012.

Hottest Moment: Her role as Louisa Contini in Nine.  Amongst a stellar cast of powerful women, this little lady stood out like a shiny little diamond in the rough. Just rewatched the clip for the first time in ages…. she is amaze ballz.

6. Zooey Deschanel

Hawt Because: Measuring in at a modest 34-25-35, Zooey has been called a super beauty for the “hipster set” with eyes that have the power to stop a man in his tracks.  Despite her lack of bombastic curves and the fact that she doesn’t undergo drastic transformative changes every other month, the girl is something of a chameleon.  Round-eyed and girl-next-door one moment, a boyish waif the next, heavy metal vixen at one turn, and Hollywood glamour at the next.  She steals a strippers good name in that she can be who ever you want her to be, with little change.

Movies: Failure to Launch, The Happening, Our Idiot Brother

See Her Soon In: A new TV series called The New Girl

Hottest Moment: As the quirky and maddening Kit in Failure to Launch.

5. Emma Stone

Hawt Because: Only her early 20’s and Emma has already hit every possible list for Hollywood’s Hottest, Sexiest, and Up and Coming on the planet Earth.  Actually a blonde, who went red under the direction of Judd Aptow in Superbad and decided to own the look, our little Emma has taken Hollywood by storm over the past few years.  Unlike some of her other “colleagues” Emma has manged to keep a squeaky clean image, proving that “class” still exists amongst the younger generation of actresses.  Totally cute, adorable  and sexy, with amazing comedic timing to boot!, she has been a favourite for quite some time.

Movies: Superbad, Easy A, Zombieland, The Help

See Her Next In: Movie 43 with Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler

Hottest Moment: Again, maybe not her HOTTEST scene….. but definitely one of the reasons she is on this list.

4. Eva Mendes

Hawt Because: A self-proclaimed “girls girl”, this lady embraces everything it is to be a woman.  The men of the world like to ogle this buxom babes fabulous physique, while the women of the world can appreciate the fact that she flaunts her oh so feminine curves.  This is what women who take care of themselves and eat, look like.  Bravo!

Movies: Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Hitch, The Other Guys, Fast Five

She Her Next In: A comedy with Matthew Modine and Patricia Arquette

Hottest Moment: Standing in nothing but lingerie in the movie The Women, telling Meg Ryan that she didn’t steal her husband because “Women don’t steal other women’s husbands, they come willingly”…. ahahaha

3. Rachel McAdams

Hawt Because: Aside from her stellar acting abilities, which have given her a very successful run of films and a wide variety of roles, this little chickadee is pure Canadian, and totally sexy. Part of her charm is that she attempts to lead a regular life when not filming, living in Toronto, and biking around the city and riding the subway like a normal human. She might be more cute and girl-next-door like, then sexy vixen, but I don’t know a single guy that would kick her out of bed. With a killer smile, high cheekbones, and those damn dimples, Rachel commands the camera, which is always very kind to her.

Movies: Mean Girls, The Notebook, The Family Stone, Sherlock Holmes

See Her Next In: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Hottest Moment: The world fell in love with her in Mean Girls playing Regina George, the hilarious creation of the Honourable Ms. Tina Fey

2. Mila Kunis

Hawt Because:  After watching Mila whine her way through eight years of That 70’s Show as the irritating Jackie and voice the awkward and annoying Meg Griffin on Family Guy, it might come as a shock that she hits this list, especially this close to top.  She graces the list for two important reasons. One, she grew up in the Hollywood scene, amongst the rich and notorious and yet has remained almost unknown until her break out role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where we realized that little Miss Mila had grown up right before our eyes without the paparazzi squelching on her every move, without a police record, and without her name scandalously being lit up like a neon sign in headlines for Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood, which sends her hotness quotient off the charts.  The second reason, is of course, the sex scene between her and Natalie Portman in Black Swan.  That scene would make any straight woman consider playing for the other team as long as it was Mila calling the shots.

Movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Black Swan, Friends with Benefits

See Her Soon In: Seth MacFarlane’s next film with Mark Wahlberg and Giovanni Ribisi

Hottest Moment:  She had some pretty great scenes with Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits, but the scene with Portman in Black Swan still blows everything else away.

1. Scarlett Johansson

Hawt Because: Woody Allen has called Scarjo “sexually overwhelming”. Everything from her smokey voice to her famous cleavage, she drives men, boys and most women, bananas.  Aside from her looks, the lady is incredibly intelligent and witty, which has allowed her to move past the typecast of the bossomy bimbo, into creative and diverse roles.  This pretty lady also has a pretty not bad voice, and the song Realtor with Pete Yorn hit the Billboard Top 100 in the summer of 2009 for a short time.

Movies: The Other Boelyn Girl, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Lost in Translation, Iron Man 2

See Her Next In: Iron Man 3 due out in 2013.

Hottest Moment: “Did you just say dry hump?”

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Ten Pretty Hawt Men in Hollywood! – NSFW

It has been a long time since I have worked with a bunch of women.  A new contract in my “real life” has changed that, so I am now, three days a week, sitting in an office full of women.  I had forgotten all about the hen-like behaviour, the whispering, the cackling, the extreme competitiveness that drives women to stab each other in the back and step on each others toes in hopes of getting ahead or being recognized.  Making sure that your makeup is perfect, your outfit is “in style” and you are pulled together with that big ole fake Oprah smile stretched across your face.  This is a struggle for me.  I am a tom boy, end of story.  It is an absolute chore to have to put on makeup everyday, iron my pencil skirt, and make sure I don’t put a runner in my panty hose before noon. All of the negative being said, I do find a couple of things amusing.  One is, despite what men believe, women are TWICE as pervy as they are when it comes to checking out the opposite sex, we usually just do it with more discretion than the boys. When you work in an environment where there is a mixed bag of gender strutting about, it is hilarious to watch the over the shoulder glances and flirtations. The other thing I have missed is being on the up-and-up with the whose who in Hollywood.  The office ladies are gossiping about people I have NEVER heard of before, and it got me thinking, am I just old?  Or am I that far out of the loop?  In my opinion, it is that good taste has just been put to bed, no longer existing amongst the estrogen favoured sex. On Friday night, I came home and looked up some of the names they had been gushing over; Chris Pine, Robert Pattinson, Chance Crawford.  Yuck!!  I prefer MEN not boys.  So to commemorate being back in an office full of women, and in hopes of teaching them about good taste (ha!), I present my picks for Ten Pretty Hawt Men in Hollywood.  I would like to add that these are then men I think are hot on the big screen, this is not my Freebie TEN list (yes, ten). As always, I am curious to know your picks, so throw them in the comments section below, and lets discuss. Cheers!

10. Javier Bardem

Birthdate: March 1, 1969

Sexy Because:  Few men are born ridiculously sexy and Javier is one of them.  Maybe it is good spanish genes, or his to-die-for bone structure, but being gorgeous is as easy as breathing for this man.  The best part is, he doesn’t consider himself sexy as all.  To quote directly “I look like a guy that has been beaten up by a baseball bat”. Aww…. well humility is sexy as heck too!

Movies: No Country for Old Men, Love in the time of Cholera, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Eat Pray Love

See Him Next In: The next 007 movie SkyFall due out in 2012.

Hottest MomentThe seduction of Vicky and Cristina.  I would have gone to Oviedo… just sayin…..

9.  Clive Owen 

Birthdate: October 3, 1964

Sexy Because: He is positively swoon worthy! Accent or not.  I love that he has this raw masculinity to him, that comes through in his good guy roles and his very, very bad guy roles. And let’s not forget his eyes…. Oh Those Eyes!  He is my quintessential dirty old man fantasy… because you know he would be dirty… oh so very dirty.

Movies: Closer, Sin City, Children of Men, Killer Elite

See Him Next In: A thriller called Cities due out in 2012 with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom.

Hottest MomentScene in Closer with Natalie Portman in the strip club… Told you…. Dirty Old Man Fantasy.

8.  Paul Rudd

Birthdate: April 6, 1969

Sexy Because: He is a rare combination of sexy and funny.  He may not fit my usual definition of hot, but there is positively something about his boyish good looks and charm that make me a little giddy.  I always imagine Rudd as the ideal first date. Good looking, but not too intimidating, gentlemanly and best of all, he would make you laugh till your sides ache.

Movies: The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up!, Role Models, Our Idiot Brother

See Him Next In:  A comedy in 2012 with Jennifer Aniston called Wanderlust.

Hottest Moment:  Scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin with Seth Rogan “You know why you are gay”…. kills me every time.

7.  Tom Welling

Birthdate: April 26, 1977

Sexy Because: He is hot as the Sahara desert but there is also a sweet guy-next-door quality about him that I adore.  Add to that an amazing body and a beautiful face and voila!

Movies: Cheaper by the Dozen, The Fog

See Him Next In: Season 11 of Smallville!

Hottest Moment:  Anytime Clark Kent comes in contact with red cryptonite on Smallville, you can bet damn surely that Tom’s behaviour will make you week in the knees and damp in the panties.

6.  Henry Cavill

Birthdate: May 5, 1983

Sexy Because: First laid eyes on Henry in the role of Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk, in the first season of The Tudors, and between that five o’clock scruff that appears on his face and that delicious accent I wanted to do unspeakable things to this man.  The type of guy that you would want to ruffle that perfect hair before you get naughty with him and then take him how to see mom knowing that he will charm her silly with that British charisma.

Movies: Red Riding Hood, The Immortals, any season of The Tudors

See Him Next In: Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated “Man of Steel” scheduled for completion in 2013.

Hottest Moment: Henry at his finest….. 

5.  Jason Statham

Birthdate: September 6, 1967

Sexy Because: I don’t know if it is Jason himself, or the fact that he performs most of his own stunts.  Maybe it is his deep voice, or that beautiful bald head….doesn’t matter this man is sexy in everything he does.  Even when the movie is TERRIBLE (Killer Elite)…cough cough.. he still makes it work. Also, his humorous side showed in The Expendables when he didn’t take himself too seriously….

Movies: The Transporter series, The Bank Job, The Expendables, Killer Elite, Crank

See Him In Next: 2012 Crime/Thriller with Jennifer Lopez called Parker

Hottest Moment: It is a tie between the 0ily fight scene from the first Transporter movie and the public sex scene with Amy Smart in Crank…. yeah buddy!

4.  Ryan Gosling

Birthdate: November 12, 1980

Sexy Because: He is not conventionally drop dead gorgeous, but every time I see this boy I sigh in my head…. le sigh!  Plus he is sooo friggin! talented.  He can act like a champ, can sing (Blue Valentine) and his movies all have soul.  I dislike romantic dramas immensely but I never, ever tire of watching The Notebook.  Plus his sexiness factor escalated when realization dawned that he is a true blue Canuck!

Movies: The Notebook, Blue Valentine, Crazy Stupid Love, The Ides of March

See Him Next InThe Gangster Squad, a crime/drama with Sean Penn and Emma Stone

Hottest Moment: The KISS between him and Rachel McAdams at the 2005 MTV music awards.  The way he grabs her, and the hand in the hair… geeeez!

3.  Hugh Jackman

Birthdate: October 12, 1968

Sexy Because: This kind of body and face don’t come around everyday, and every time I watch him, I realize that there isn’t a role that he can’t do justice too. Romantic time travelling duke – check. Vampire hunter – check. Brilliant magician – check. Crazy ass super hero – check. One of the hottest men on the screen – check.

Movies: The X-Men movies, Someone Like You, Swordfish, Van Helsing

See Him Next InMovie 43 with Gerard Butler and Emma Stone set to come out in early 2012

Hottest Moment: It is really hard to pick just one…. Watching him box in Real Steel…. when he tells Xavier and Magneto to “Fuck Off” in the latest X Men movie… or watching him sing and dance on Broadway…. it really is the total package.

2.  James McAvoy 

Birthdate: April 21, 1979

Sexy Because: James has this “je ne sais quo” quality that magnetically draws you too him. He is quiet, intense and likes older women which, takes his hotness factor up a notch or two!  Out of all the men on my list, he is the guy that I can’t put my finger on but still RUSH (and I do mean rush) out to see as soon as he appears on the big screen.  Own every movie he has ever appeared in, and fantasize about having “high tea” with him in some Scottish castle before he deflowers me with my corset still on…. too much information?

Movies: Becoming Jane, Atonement, Wanted, X-Men: First Class

See Him Next In: Eran Creevy’s next film “Welcome to the Punch”

Hottest Moment: Library scene with Kira Knightly in Atonement…. holy heck.

1.  Jake Gyllenhaal

Birthdate: December 19, 1980

Sexy Because: He is perfect!  He can wear the shit out of a suit, and looks even better without one on. He plays the guitar, has a great voice, will make you giggle like a little girl, is loved by children and dogs and takes care of his sister and mom.  The sky is blue, water is wet, and Jakey G is absolutely the perfect male specimen, these are all facts that cannot be disputed.  I would even hold this boys hand in public….

Movies: Donny Darko, Jarhead, Prince of Persia, Love and Other Drugs

See Him: Next In: a romantic/comedy with shelf ass herself, Jessica BielNailed

Hottest Moment: There are soooo many. Sooo many lovely naked scenes of hotness…. but the best Jake moment might be as Jamie in Love and Other Drugs, when he admits to being in love with Maggie…. gets me every time.

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Day of the Dead – 13 Cemeteries to Visit

This post was originally created to honour the Day of the Dead, however, do to unforeseen circumstances has been posted WAY late.  My bad and spanx for the forgiveness.

In honour of the Day of the Dead I decided to create a list of some of the most fascinating resting places on Earth.  Each cemetery on the list has been chosen for its rich folklore, architecture, history and in some cases because they are just down right creepy.  There are MANY other amazing cemeteries that I have not included in this list, so many in fact, that next year I should be able to complete another list of 13, but these particular 13 surpassed by a long shot.  They are listed from 13-1, with #1 being a place I am not sure I could ever visit at night, but would love the bragging rights of being able to say I did.   Cheers!

13. Ship Graveyard

Location: Nouadhibou, West Africa

History: Located outside the 2nd largest city in Mauritania, the Bay of Nouadhibou is reportedly home to the worlds largest ship graveyard. The city of Nouadhibou has a population of approximately 90,000 and serves as the trading center for meteorites found in the Saharan Desert. But one of its main attractions for photographers and tourists is the Bay, where for nearly a hundred years ships have been deserted. The local officials were paid to let ships rust to death in the waters off the coast, and for an area that is as economically deprived as Mauritania, the income was a welcome relief. Proper disposal of ships is an expensive procedure, so it is unsurprising that shipping companies were happy to cut a deal and sell their vessels to the Mauritanian locals.

Famous Occupants: Since there is no formal acknowledgement that the ships are being “harboured” there isn’t an official log on which vessels have been laid to rest.

Selected Because: So this isn’t a consecrated burial ground filled with human remains and the like…. It doesn’t matter, the absolute and complete creepiness of sea vessels dead and gone, is huge.  Each ship seeming to have a soul of its own, these waters are said to hold the secrets of nations.   Folklore whispers that the laughter of passengers long since passed can be heard on the wind and the screams of the less fortunate souls who lost their lives in wars or worse, compete with the groan of rusting and slowly capsizing metal.  Although certainly not the scariest graveyard on the list, it is definitely an eerie sight to see the warriors of the seas, rusted and broken shells of their former glory.

12.Valley of the Kings

Location: Luxor, Egypt

History: The Valley of the Kings is a basin in Egypt where, for a period of nearly 500 years from the 16th to the 11th century B.C., tombs were constructed for the Pharaohs and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom.  The valley stands on the west bank of the Nile opposite Thebes (modern Luxor), within the heart of the Theban Necropolis.  The wadi consists of two valleys, East and West.  To date, the valley is known to contain 63 tombs and chambers (ranging in size from a single pit to a complex tomb with over 120 chambers), and was the principal burial-place of the major royal figures, together with a number of prominent nobles.  The royal tombs are decorated with scenes from Egyptian mythology and leave clues to the beliefs and funerary rituals of the period. Almost all of the tombs seem to have been opened and robbed in antiquity, but they still give an idea of the opulence and power of the rulers of the time.  This area has been a source of archeological and Egyptological exploration since the end of the 18th century, and its tombs and burials continue to stimulate research and interest.

Famous Occupants: Ramses I, Seti I, Amenhotep II, King Tutankhamen

Selected Because: Perhaps the valley is best known for its “Curse of the Pharaoh”. The curse of the pharaoh refers to the belief that any person who disturbs the mummy of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh is placed under a curse.  There are occasional instances of curses appearing inside of the facade of a tomb. Though there have been stories of curses going back to the 19th century, they multiplied in the aftermath of Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen. A famous Egyptologist James Breasted, who worked with Carter on the Tut dig, reported that shortly before the tomb was to be opened Carter sent a messenger to his residence to collect some documentation.  Rumour was that as the messenger approached the house he heard “a faint cry” and upon entering found a cobra in the bottom of the birdcage having swallowed the canary.  Arthur Weigall, a previous Inspector-General of Antiquities to the Egyptian Government, reported that this was interpreted as Carter’s house being broken into by the Royal Cobra (the symbol and safeguard of the Egyptian royals) on the very day that Tut’s tomb was being opened.  An account of the incident was reported by the New York Times on the 22nd of December 1922.  The first of the “mysterious deaths” was that of Lord Carnarvon.  He had been bitten by a mosquito and later slashed the bite accidentally while shaving.  It became infected and blood poisoning resulted.  A media frenzy followed with reports that a curse had been found in the King’s tomb.  Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, suggested at the time that Lord Carnarvon’s death had been caused by “elementals” created by Tut’s priests, to guard the royal tomb and this further fuelled the media interest.  Dr. Derry who carried out the first autopsy on the body of Tut found a healed lesion on the left cheek, but as Carnarvon had been buried six months previously, it was not possible to determine if the location of the wound on the King corresponded with the location of the fatal mosquito bite on Carnarvon.  The tomb was opened on November 29, 1922. Lord Carnarvon died on April 5, 1923.  George J. Gould died on May 16 1923 (he developed a fever after visiting the tomb), Howard Carter died March 2, 1939, of lymphoma.  Those who believe in the curse suggest an additional 11 people who were present at the time of the opening of the tomb, have died of mysterious causes, before their time.

11. Brookwood Cemetery

Location: Surrey, England

History: In Surrey woodland, right on the Hampshire border of the training grounds for the British army, stands a cemetery of family tombs, gravestones and memorials from Victorian London and of soldiers tragically killed in wars gone by.  The Necropolis was founded in 1862, but the land on which it sits goes back further still.  It is situated directly next to the Brookwood railway station, as it was used to house the dead of an ever-growing London.  As the population of the city in the mid 1850’s was growing beyond the control of authorities, Brookwood was built to take the strain away from London’s already overflowing cemeteries.  In the daylight and on hazy summer days, Brookwood Necropolis is a place of beauty, stillness and tranquility, with its huge redwood trees, never-ending pathways, and rows as far as the eye can see of white crosses of the war dead.  It stands out as one of the world’s most fascinating and inspiring places of rest.  Even though many of the dead are victims of past wars, the cemetery is a mixed faith cemetery of Christian, Muslim and Zoroastrian beliefs, so it stands as a monument of hope to many who wish for a more peaceful world.

Famous Occupants: Margaret the Duchess of Argyll, John Singer Sargent, Edith Thompson

Selected Because: Many strange sounds can be heard coming from in and around the tombs, and patches of forest.  Some would suggest it is nothing more than rats and birds, while others would suggest something a lot more sinister and spectral in nature. Visual sightings have been reported, such as green and white shapes, mists hovering over graves and floating across pathways, weaving in and out of trees. Many visitors report feelings of anxiety, sadness and nausea around certain parts of the cemetery.  The path that the train track was on still runs through the grounds, and it is said that if you walk it, you can hear the sounds of women and babies crying.  Occasionally, the sound of a train has also been heard.

10. Pére-Lachaise Cemetery

Location: Paris, France

History: Pére-Lachaise is one of the world’s most visited cemeteries, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors a year to the graves of those who have enhanced French life over the last 200 years.  The cemetery was established by Napoleon in 1804. Cemeteries had been banned inside Paris in 1786 after the closure of the Cimetiére des Innocents on the fringe of the Lés Halles food market, on the grounds that it presented a health hazard.  At the time of its opening, the grounds were considered to be located too far from the city and attracted very few funerals.  Consequently, the administrators devised a marketing strategy and with great fanfare organized the transfer of the remains of La Fontaine and Moliere in 1804.  Then in another great spectacle in 1817, the purported remains of Pierre Abelaird and Héloise were also transferred to the cemetery, with their monument’s canopy made from fragments of the abbey of Norgent-sur-Siene (by tradition lovers or lovelorn singles, leave letters at their crypt in tribute to the couple or in hopes of finding true love).  This strategy achieved its desired effect and people began clamouring to be buried among the famous citizens.  Records show that in the last few years Pére-Lachaise went from containing a few dozen permanent residents to more than 33,000. Today there are over 300,000 bodies buried there, and many more in the columbium which holds the remains of those who had requested cremation.

Famous Occupants: Frederic Chópin, Giaacchio Rossini, Jim Morrison

Selected Because:  The Communists Wall is located in the cemetery. This is the site where 147 Communards, the last defenders of the workers district of Belleville, were shot on May 28, 1871.  Adolphe Theirs, widely blamed for the massacres of “Bloody Week”, is an ironic resident of the cemetery. His tomb has occasionally been the subject of vandalism.  Many believe his ghost is forever at unrest and often tugs on the clothes of those who pass near his tomb begging them not to desecrate it.  The ghost of Jim Morrison is said to often be photographed in and around his grave.  Many parts of Pére-Lachaise have been defaced with arrows reportedly indicating the direction of “Jim”, though even these defacements have in many cases been defaced themselves, resulting in arrows that point in two directions.  Morrison’s grave is one of the city’s most visited attractions.  Morrison’s father, placed a flat stone on the grave in 1990 after the grave had been vandalized and robbed on numerous occasions.  Now a the simple stone reads “KATA TON ALMONA EAYTOY”, literally meaning “according to his own daimon”.

9. Paris Catacombs

Location: Paris, France

History: In Roman times, Paris buried its dead on the outskirts of the city.  This changed with the rise of Christianity and its practice of burying its faithful in consecrated ground in and around its churches.  By the 10th century, the city had expanded and there were many parish cemeteries within city limits, even in central locations.  When Paris’s population began to rise rapidly in the following centuries, some of these cemeteries became overcrowded and because of their location in populated areas, they were unable to expand.  Soon, only the most wealthy could afford church burials, which lead to the opening of a common burial ground in the 12th century.  Initially dependent upon the St. Opportune Church, this cemetery near Paris’s central Lés Halles district, was renamed Saints Innocents Cemetery under its own church and parish.  The common practice for burying the less-wealthy at the time, was mass inhumation.  Once an excavation in one section of the cemetery was full, it would be covered over and another opened.  Few of the dead buried in this way had the privilege of a coffin, often the casket used for a burial ceremony would be re-used for the next.  By the 17th century the sanitary conditions around Saints Innocents were unbearable.  As it was one of Paris’s most sought after cemeteries and a large source of revenue for the parish and church, the clergy had continued burials there, even with the grounds overflowing.  A series of ineffective decrees limiting the use of the cemetery did little to remedy the situation, and it wasn’t until the late 18th century that the decision was made to create three new large-scale suburban burial grounds on the outskirts of the city and to condemn all existing parish cemeteries within the city limits.  Part of the reason nothing was done about Paris’s untenable burial practices was finding a location ideal for disposing of the dead exhumed from the parish cemeteries.  The government had been searching for and consolidating long abandoned stone quarries in and around the capital since 1777, and it was the Police Lieutenant General overseeing the renovations, who first had the idea to use empty underground tunnels on the outskirts of the capital to this end.  His successor, chose a place to the south of Paris’s city gate, and the exhumation and transfer of all of Paris’s dead began in 1786 taking until 1788 to complete.

Famous Occupants: None

Selected Because: A million visitors a year are said to walk the dank corridors to stare at the bones and gaze fixedly into the empty eye sockets of the long dead.  Many of these same visitors and some of their guides have encountered more then just the silence in the catacombs, they have faced ghostly inhabitants that roam the empty passageways and mutely follow the tour groups around.  Ghost photos and eerie feelings have often been reported by many of the visitors to the location.  Ghosts are often said to be “felt” more than witnessed.  Many have reported that they have been grabbed or touched. Several report seeing a group of shadows in one area of the catacombs, as the living walk along the dead following in compete silence.  To some, the experience is completely overwhelming and tours have been cut short by the growing sense of unease.  The Catacombs are a veritable rabbit’s warren, and though many boldly enter without a guide, to do so puts one at risk of being lost there forever.  There are rumours of individuals wandering into the catacombs for a laugh and have never been seen from again.

8. Old Jewish Cemetery

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

History:  One of the most impressive sites in Prague is the Old Jewish Cemetery in Josefov, the former Jewish Ghetto. The oldest tombstone, which marks the grave of the poet and scholar Avigdor Karo, dates from the year 1439. Burials took place in the cemetery until 1787.The Nazis made it a policy to destroy Jewish cemeteries, sometimes using the tombstones for target practice, however, Hitler ordered that this cemetery be left intact, since he was planning to build a Jewish museum in Prague after all the Jews in Europe had been exterminated, according to his diabolical plan.  While there are only about 12,000 tombstones visible, it is estimated that more than 100,000 persons have been buried at the site, graves stacked 12 layers deep.

Famous Occupants: Avigdor Karo, Judah Loew ben Bezalel,    David Oppenheim

Selected Because: According to Jewish tradition, you are not to remove gravestones from their original resting places, so when the cemetery ran out of room and purchasing more land was not possible, extra layers of dirt were brought in and placed on top of old grave stones and new ones were placed on the new soil.  This resulted in 12 layers of graves. The cemetery is also home to the man who supposedly created the Golem.  A Golem is a Frankenstein’s monster type of creature, that was created by Rabbi Judah Loew to help protect the Jews of Prague, from persecution.  According to legend, the Golem eventually got out of control and the Rabbi had to destroy it.  Some claim to see the Golem roaming around the cemetery grounds and others claim to see the ghost of Rabbi Loew.

7. La Nori Cemetery

Location: La Nori, Chile

History: La Nori is an abandoned mining town in Chile.  In 1872, the town was founded as a salt mine, and business boomed.  However, after several heavy blows, including the Great Depression, the business declined and then collapsed in 1958, and the town was abandoned in 1960.  This obscure graveyard has to be seen to be believed. To get to the cemetery, one has to venture through a decrepit ghost town, which is also home to a lot of paranormal activity.  The graveyard itself is definitely the crown jewel of creepiness in this derelict town.

Famous Occupants: None

Selected Because: It is rumoured that the dead of the La Noria cemetery rise at night and walk around the town, the ghostly images frequently showing up in photographs.  The town is so terrifying that the residents of nearby Aquique refuse to enter. The former residents never left, and can be seen strolling around, and children have been heard playing.  The graveyard itself has tons of open graves.  While walking through, it is quite possible to trip over the skeletal remains of a long deceased miner. Whether the graves are open because of grave robbers or because the corpses enjoy the night air is up for debate, but this in undoubtedly one of the coolest and creepiest graveyards on earth.

6. Chase Mausoleum

Location: Barbados, Caribbean Islands

History: Barbados is an independent island nation.  It is the eastern-most Caribbean Island situated in the Atlantic Ocean.  First settled by the British in 1627, slaves worked the sugar plantations established on the island until 1834 when it was finally abolished. The economy remained heavily dependent on sugar, rum and molasses production through most of the 20th century.  The Chase Tomb is located at the entrance to the Christ Church Graveyard.  Built in 1724 by James Elliot, the tomb was hewn from stone and constructed from coral and concrete.  Large stone blocks were firmly cemented together creating a wall that was nearly two feet thick.  The floor space inside is reached by several descending steps.  When the entrance is closed off by a huge slab of blue marble, it effectively seals the vault until it is required to admit another coffin.

Famous Occupants: None

Selected Because: The Chase Tomb is mentioned in practically every ghost story book in print.  To the passerby, it looks like just another monument, as dead and ancient as the rest of the colonial cemetery in which it lies.  This vault however, is nothing but ordinary.  It has been empty for more than 180 years, for no official reason.  Although created for Mr. Elliot, he was never interred there.  The vault was first used for the burial of a Mrs. Thomasina Goddard, whose coffin was placed inside on July 31, 1807.  The Chase family purchased the vault a year later and soon after used the tomb to bury a Chase infant in 1808 and then an adult daughter, Dorcas in 1812, who was a probable suicide.  Both individuals were buried in lead coffins. Nothing unusual inside the vault was reported during these two interments.  The vault was resealed with the heavy marble slab that was cemented in placed, a practice performed on all subsequent interments. On August 8, 1812, the vault was opened for the burial of Thomas Chase himself.  Astonishingly, the two previous interred lead coffins were found to be drastically moved from their original positions.  The infant’s coffin was found standing on its head.  The two coffins were placed back in their original side-by-side positions and the vault was re-sealed.  In 1816, another burial took place this time for eleven year old Charles Brewster Ames.  Again the coffins were everywhere but in their proper places.  The 240 pound coffin of Thomas Chase which was so heavy, it took eight men to move, was also in the wrong location.  After putting all the coffins back in place, the crypt was completely sealed.  On November 17, 1816, the vault was opened again to accept the body of Samuel Brewster.  This time, a large group of witnesses crowded the scene, looking to see if the mystery was to continue.  The slab of marble which covered the door, was carefully examined.  No breaks were found, and the vault was opened.  Once again, the coffins were found to be in disarray throughout the vault.  For the third time, the coffins were moved back to their original position and the vault sealed.  On July 17, 1819, the vault was once again opened to admit the departed Thomasina Clark, and once again found to be in disorder.  The only coffin untouched was the wooden, and fragile, one of the original Mrs. Goddard.  This time the governor of the island, Lord Combermere ordered his own professional investigation.  The entire vault was looked over, and nothing strange could be found.  The coffins were re-stacked (Mrs. Goddard’s wooden coffin was stacked against a wall, since it was so frail) and very fine sand was placed on the floor to catch the footprints of their perpetrators.  The vault was then re-closed and the personal seal of the governor was placed on the tomb. Everyone on the island awaited the next reopening.  On April 18, 1820, some eight months after the burial of Thomasina Clark, the vault was ordered to be reopened.  The seals were found to be intact, but when the marble slab was moved, the coffins, with the exception of Goddard’s wooden casket, were again found to be in disarray.  The heaviest lead coffin of Thomas Chase was reported to be leaning against the inside of the vault door thus blocking any alleged perpetrator’s exit.  The sand on the floor did not show any hint of human activity within the vault.  There was also no indication of flooding or an earthquake.  The governor ordered the coffins to be removed and buried elsewhere.  The vault was left open and never used again.

5. Highgate Cemetery

Location: London, England

History: The cemetery in its original form (the older Western part) was consecrated by the Bishop of London on the 20th of May 1839.  It was part of an initiative to provide seven large, modern cemeteries to ring the city of London. The inner-city cemeteries, mostly the graveyards of individual churches, had long been unable to cope with the number of burials and were seen as a health hazard and an undignified way to treat the dead.  Perched on a hill above the smoke and filth of the city, Highgate Cemetery soon became fashionable place for burials and was much admired and visited.  The Victorian romantic attitude to death and its presentation led to the creation of a labyrinth of Egyptian sculptures and a slew of Gothic tombs and buildings.  The rows of silent stone angels have bore witness to pomp and ceremony as well as to part of some dreadful exhumation.  The avenues of death entombed poets, painters, princes and paupers.

Famous Occupants: Christina Rossetti, George Elliot, Raddclyffe Hall, the family of Charles Dickens and Karl Marx

Selected Because: Among the artistic souls buried in the Western half of the graveyard is Elizabeth Siddal, mistress, muse and eventual wife of Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. A hat makers assistant, beautiful Lizzie had been wooed by the dashing Italian immigrant, who refused to settle down after he had won her heart.  Increasingly depressed after a stillborn child, Lizzie took her own life with an overdose of laudanum in 1862.  At the graveside service, distraught Rossetti placed a handwritten volume of poems on her pillow just before the coffin lid was sealed.  Rossetti’s fortune faltered after the death of his muse, and he became convinced that he was going blind and losing his painterly skills, and that he was destined to be remembered as a poet instead.  His questionably scrupulous agent persuaded Rossetti that he could cement his reputation if only he’d publish the poems consigned to Lizzie’s grave.  In October 1869, permissions was granted to exhume the coffin as long as it was done by night and did not upset the neighbours or patrons of the cemetery.  By flickering torchlight, workmen peeled back the damp rich earth of England.  This is perhaps where our story begins.  When Lizzie’s coffin was forced open, all that remained of her beauty was the silken mass of her auburn mane.  The grave robbers brushed tendrils of her hair from the silk bound manuscript, which was fumigated and eventually published. Lizzie’s remains were returned to the cold ground. The story was leaked, to Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper.  Elizabeth Miller in her book Dracula: Sense and Nonsense theorizes that Bram Stoker read the news while working on Dracula, since the paper also reviewed the Lyceum’s production of King Lear, with which Stoker was involved.  If that is the case, Lizzie Siddal served in death as another man’s muse, transmuted as Lucy Westerna and given life beyond the grave.  Whether Highgate Cemetery was the churchyard described by Stoker remains a matter of debate.  In Dracula, Van Helsing says, “Lucy lies in the tomb of her kin, a lordly death-house in a lonely churchyard, away from teeming London, where the air is fresh and the sun rises over Hampstead Hill, and where wild flowers grow on their own accord”. These happenings certainly laid a solid foundation for the stories which began to circulate about Highgate being haunted.  When it was finally suggested that a Vampire might be loose in the old cemetery, a veritable barrage of journalists, eager occultists and the just plain curious, swarmed around the decaying and grim mausoleums, garlic and crucifixes in hand. Other occurrences include terrifying creatures with glowing eyes, various ghosts, bells ringing in the disused chapel, a shrouded figure and a demented old woman with long grey hair who murdered her children in a fit of rage, to name just a few.  (By far my favourite cemetery researched for this blog post).

4. Stull Cemetery

Location: Stull, Kansas

History: Stull Cemetery and the ruins of the abandoned church that rests next to it, are located in the tiny, nearly forgotten Kansas town of Stull. There is not much left of the tiny village, save for a few houses and maybe 20 residents.   Although there are literally dozens of stories of hauntings and folklore the only two factual and written recordings of tragedy in Stull are as follows.  A young boy was incinerated in a pasture beside the cemetery when his father had burned the field to generate better crop growth the following year.  And a man was reported missing one night, only to be found hanging from a tree by the old church in Stull Cemetery.

Famous Occupants: None

Selected Because:

  • The Devil chooses two places to appear on Earth on Halloween. One is Stull Kansas, the other is some place on the desolate plains of India.
  • Satan gathers all the people who died violent deaths over the past year and they dance around the Earth at witching hour.
  • An old wooden crucifix hanging in the old church would turn upside down when an unfamiliar person would step into the church.
  • Pope John II instructed his plane to fly around Kansas so he would not fly over “unholy” ground on his last visit to the United States
  • Visitors to the cemetery have been grabbed, experienced memory loss, strong winds holding them motionless, and loosing time.
  • When the old church was still standing, although one wall was gone and the roof had been destroyed for years, rain never fell on the church floor
  • The Devil visits the graveyard on the last day of winter or the first day of Spring to visit a witch that is buried there.  A tombstone bearing the name “Wittich” is located close to the where the old church stood.
  • An old tree in the cemetery was once used as a gallows for condemned witches
  • A grave in the cemetery is reported to hold the bones of “a child of Satan”, born of the Devil and a witch.  The child was so deformed it only lived a few days, but the body was buried at Stull.
  • A stairway to hell is either located in or beside the church.  On March 29, 2002 (Good Friday), the old brick church came tumbling down.  Thus closing the “portal to hell”.  No one gave the order to have it destroyed, it just mysteriously collapsed.
  • In Stull, Chuck Norris sold his soul to the Devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts abilities.  Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Chuck beat the Devil up and took his soul back.  The Devil, who appreciated irony couldn’t stay mad and admitted that he should have seen it coming.  They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month at Stull.

3. St. Louis Cemetery #1

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

History: This place, built-in 1789, is New Orleans oldest cemetery, a grand European mixture of ornate marble tombs, crumbling memorials and narrow winding footpaths.  In 1975, it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places, endured major restoration efforts in 2004, and today is considered one of the most haunted places in the world. New Orleans is unique in that the city is below sea level.  This uniqueness makes it nearly impossible to bury the dead in the ground, so the dead are buried in vaults and mausoleums.  Do to the lack of land, and having to bury their dead above ground, New Orleans invented another way to deal with its space restrictions.  Family members are placed in a wooden coffin, and buried in a vault for a year plus a day.  After that time frame, the coffin is removed and the deceased are put into a bag.  The bag is then labelled and pushed to the back of the vault, leaving room for the next body. Though Cemetery #1 is only one square block in diameter it is the resting place of more then 100,000 souls.

Famous Occupants: The family tomb of Etienne de Bore (Kings Musketeer turned sugar entrepreneur and mayor of New Orleans), Marie Laveau (Voodoo Priestess), Ernest Dutch Morial

Selected Because:  In a small place, where so many souls have been laid to rest, and so many have been disrupted from their resting place, it is not hard to believe that this cemetery is considered one of the most haunted in the world. Visitors have heard weeping and groaning from inside the crypts, while others have seen a range of spectral phenomena from unusual mists to full-fledged transparent figures.  One ghost had dominated above all other though, and that is the ghost of Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.  Although the truth about her life is obscured by folklore, there most definitely was a Maria Laveau, Voodoo Priestess.  Whether she really did live to be over 100 years old while retaining the lithe, sensual body of a young woman, is open to debate, but the Queen did leave her mark on the culture of New Orleans.  Born a free Creole woman, she became a hairdresser to the upper class.  She began to practice Voodoo and soon garnered a huge following.  Marie Laveau died in 1881, but even today many believers leave offering at her grave in hope that  she will bless the from the other side. Many believe that death never stopped her from practicing her black magic or from using the powers of darkness.  Some say she turns herself into a black crow or dog, both such animals have been seen wandering the cemetery.  Others have seen here stomping around her grave, never happy and often shouting curses.

2. The Capuchin Catacombs

Location: Palermo, Sicily

History: The Capuchin Order is an offshoot of the more famous Franciscans that branched out in the mid sixteenth century. Their name comes from the distinctive hood that the monks wore that has since lent its name to the popular coffee drink Cappuccino, whose foamed milk top it resembles.  Even though this Order of the Friars Minor originated in the Marché region of Italy, their unique take on the mortal body after death made them a perfect fit for Sicily.  In fact the first monk to be embalmed was placed in the crypt shortly after the Order arrived in Palermo.  Approximately 8,000 corpses dating from the 1500’s to 1920 are housed within the Catacombs.  In the early 16th century, the church originally meant to preserve and make accessible the bodies of monks and friars in order to be able to ask for their intercessions face to face.  The trend caught on, and soon the general population also wanted to be preserved and buried in the catacombs so that their families could visit them.

Famous Occupants: Rosalia Lombard, Brother Silvestro Gubbió, Colonel Enea Di Guiliano

Selected Because: It has been said that Sicilian’s have an obsession with death.  It is still very common to see elderly Sicilian widows wearing black for the remainder of their lives and an occupation of professional mourners once existed for centuries.  It is hard to say where this cult of the dead comes from, either from the deep-rooted Catholic faith, or perhaps a hold over from ancient Greek and Roman times.  Regardless of the origins, nothing exemplifies this better than Capuchin Crypt.  As you walk down the steps into the crypt it feels as though there should be a reminder of Dante’s warning written above the gates of hell “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here”.  Once inside, the crypt looks more like the set for “Night of the Living Dead” or Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, then a religious community.  No horror movie, or amusement park can compete with the hundreds of bodies dressed in their Sunday’s best and suspended by hooks in the walls.  The bodies, in various levels if decay stare down at you (some with their own eyes) looking as though they are ready to grab you or wanting you to join them.  People have been known to quickly become overwhelmed and have to stop or leave the crypts. Voices have been heard whispering in the dark corners.  And at the very end of the tomb in the last viewing room lays the body of the last person interred in the crypt.  Rosalia Lombard, a three-year old who has been so perfectly preserved in her glass coffin that it looks as though she is only asleep. It is hard to believe that she has been dead for 90 plus years and while looking at her you expect her to sit up and say hello.  A small child’s voice has often been heard singing in this room or tiny footsteps running through the vault.

1. Greyfriar’s Kirkyard

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

History: The Greyfriar’s Kirkyard is a 12th century cemetery nestled between an old 16th century prison that was expanded through the 19th century on one side, and an old hospital on the other.  The hospital was at one time an infirmary used for tuberculosis and served as a home for the mentally insane. The courtyard is often quiet and pleasant for walking through, and off in the distance is a spectacular view of Edinburgh Castle and St. Gilles Cathedral.  The prison was known as Covenanter’s Prison.  There were over 1,200 Covenanters imprisoned at any given time from the 17th century to the 19th century. On a hot summer day it was said that because of the repulsive conditions at the prison including; lack of hygiene, neglect and filth, the stench of the prison would permeate the air.

Famous Occupants:  Mary Queen of Scots granted the area surrounding Greyfriar’s to be used as a burial ground in 1562 for its congregation.  There are many famous Scots that are said to be buried here.  Sir Walter Scott’s father, William McGonnegal (Scotland’s worst poet), George Herriot, James Craig(architect), and William Adam.

Selected Because: This small cemetery has been considered haunted for centuries, and more recently has been listed as one of the ‘most dangerous’ places in the world to visit.  Its gruesome past includes witchcraft, body snatching, headstone removal, desecration, corpse dumping and live burials.  Probably the most famous resident of Greyfriar’s is Bobby, a loyal Skye Terrier owned by John Gray.  Bobby was so loyal to his master that when John Gray died of tuberculosis on February 15, 1858 it was said that Bobby kept a daily vigil over his masters grave until his own death on the 14th of January 1872, 14 years later.  The dog was buried in an unmarked grave within Greyfriar’s Kirkland, and today there is still a daily one o’clock bell that rings to commemorate the hour at which locals would feed Bobby.  There are many reports of hearing Bobby barking within the walls of the cemetery. Towards the back of the cemetery in an area called “The Black Mausoleum”, where a much more malevolent entity can be found. Commonly called the MacKenzie Poltergeist, the actual identity of the spirit is up for debate.  Some believe it is a genuine poltergeist, not the ghost of any particular person, but rather a manifestation of the psychic trauma generated in 1679 when more than 1,000 Covenanters (Scots who declared themselves Presbyterian at a time when Episcopalian was the only sanctioned religion), were imprisoned here without food and water and allowed to slowly starve to death as they awaited trial.  Others think it is the spirit of George MacKenzie who died in 1691 and was interred in what has become known as “The Black Mausoleum”.  MacKenzie was infamous for his brutal persecution of the Covenanters.  In 1998 something began occurring in the graveyard. Visitors started encountering cold spots, smells and loud banging noises.  Many became suddenly overwhelmed by nausea and left with cuts and bruises by something that was not visible.  During the next two years, twenty-nine people were knocked unconscious that ventured into the prison through the cemetery gates.  The homes that are next to the graveyard also became plagued with unexplained events inside them.  Objects inside the homes had been smashed against the wall or moved themselves.  An unexplained and unidentified laughter was also frequently heard.  The section of Greyfriar’s where the attacks occurred is now chained shut and the general public is not granted admission.

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13 Scary Horror Movie Killers

Horror movie antagonists love to kill people. Movie after movie, young, usually extremely sexually active teens practically line up to die in the most awesome and gruesome ways possible, whether by a heart-slicing stab from a machete or by a large object plowing through their innards like a fist through Jell-O. From the safety of our couches or from sticky-floored movie theaters, we the audience get our own personal thrill from criticizing the seemingly mentally challenged victims of the kill-happy psycho as they fail at every possible decision in their attempt to escape their inevitable fate.

But what if you weren’t watching a movie? What if walking around one day, being your badass self, you turned the corner and there stood the crazed, hulking form of Leatherface, licking his lips and swinging around his chainsaw. Most of us would probably employ the very sound strategy of running away screaming like a little girl with a warm, yellow trail following closely behind. Granted, some horror movie icons are easier to defeat or escape from than others. If you happen to run into Chucky, just punt the little bastard. Seriously, he’s a doll. Climb the nearest tall object and laugh as he comically shakes his toddler-sized fists of fury at you. Chances are, he will still get you, because common sense never applies to horror movie evildoers.  But the baddies on this list represent the worst of the worst, the horror movie icons you’d best hope you personally never run into.

13.  Max Cady

“It’s not necessary to lay a foul tongue on me my friend. I could get upset. “

Signature Move: Killing people in white attire and badly printed Hawaiian shirts.

Maybe I am too much of a realist to have Max on my list. All I know is that I don’t plan on taking too many ill-fated drives down dusty Texas roads or in the mountains of Kentucky in an old Chevy that’s known to breakdown. I don’t live in Haddonfield. I don’t go to summer camps. And as far as I know, there are no undead child predators haunting dreams on my street. But, every person I meet could potentially by a Max Cady….

12.  Chucky

“Wanna Play?….”

Signature Move: Continuing to be reconstructed by idiots despite being a serial killer.

A wounded serial killer on the run from the police uses voodoo to transfer his soul into a Good Guy Doll to escape capture.  Even though he is only two feet tall and made of plastic, this batteries-not-included tiny terror hasn’t lost his taste for murder and unassuming victims fall prey to the innocuous looking little doll. Chucky’s evil ways rampage across the screen as he attempts to transfer his soul to a human host, slashing and stabbing anyone in his path…

11.  Leatherface


Signature Move: Doing very bad things to people with a chainsaw.

He might be a mentally retarded, slow-moving, disfigured, inbred hick, but put a chainsaw in his hands and he will wipe out a van full of teenagers before the sun sets – and then the Sawyer clan can enjoy a human barbecue and chili feast.  There is no more frightening scene in horror then Leatherface’s first appearance, in which his slams his victim in the head with a mallet, drops him into his meat locker, and slams the metal door closed.  Sends chills down my spine just thinking about it!

10.  Patrick Bateman

“Did you know that I am utterly insane?”

Signature Move: Killing while dealing with a severe case of OCD

Patrick is a unique psychopathic serial killer. He is unbelievably handsome, fit, rich, narcissistic, and listens to Phil Collins. The shallow, ornamental, material-based society Bateman inhabits is starting to drive him insane.  The creepy self-narrated scenes, where Bateman describes his mind unravelling, while he is doing 2000+ sit ups, lying in tanning beds or putting on kiwi facial masks more expensive than most people’s cars, are beyond disturbing.  He could easily be walking down the street right now, hiding his psychosis behind some really great hair.

Note: I know some of you will say that the murders never occurred and that it was all in Bateman’s head and therefore he shouldn’t be included in my list.  But you are wrong.  Dead wrong.

9.  Damien Thorn

“Most people confuse evil with their own trivial lusts and perversions. Now, true evil is as pure as innocence. “

Signature Move: Killing while maintaining the ability to look completely innocent… or evil…

Damien’s mother was a jackal and his daddy was the devil.  Sounds like an awesome paternity suit in the making.  As a kid, the angel-faced five-year-old is an unholy terror on a tricycle.  As a teen, he learns he is the antichrist.  As a man, he tries to stop the Second Coming.  The name Damien has become synonymous with evil – and for a good reason.

8.  Michael Myers

Michael doesn’t say much.

Signature Move: Walking really, really slow but still catching all of his victims.

Michael Myers started the whole slasher craze.  In his whited out Captain Kirk mask, he set about killing off the neighbourhood’s promiscuous teenage population.  He spent his childhood locked in a mental institution after stabbing his older sister to death, but no treatment could cure his urge to kill.  Michael possesses a strong will, stealth, and most importantly, immortality – traits that would be emulated in future horror movie killers.

7.  John Doe

“It’s more comfortable for you to label me as insane.”

Signature Move: John is a long-term thinker and planner.  Always one step ahead, literally.

The movie Se7ven is disturbing, frightening, dark and melancholy.  And the scope of what John Doe does is jaw-dropping. A lot of serial killers brag about numbers, or trophies or the pain they have caused. A lot of serial killers kill for no reason except to cause pain, but they have no vision beyond the murders, they are ends in themselves.  But all of John Doe’s murders (even his own) were means to an end. His immense scope and patience and time-in would be respectable if say, he were doing research on cancer or studying ancient cultures, bur he is a killer.  Not just a killer, a monster.  While he only committed six murders, and none of them onscreen, and appeared in the film for only 15-20 minutes in total, he still remains one of the grittiest, most visceral sadists ever conceived.

6.  Anton Chigurh

“What’s the most you have ever lost on a coin toss?”

Signature Move: Killing with a captive bolt pistol.

He is a vicious, cold-blooded psychopath with a bad haircut, who murders everything in his path from point A to point B.  On the surface it might appear that he is after money, or that he enjoys killing, but he is really just an avenger, avenging every single mistake ever made on earth. He doesn’t care whether or not his victims are personally responsible. He is not a cause, but a by-product of the new evilness hinted at by the Sheriff and by the title of his film.  He is the embodiment of retribution and death; killing the majority of people who have the misfortune to cross his path.  Not to mention he uses probably the most bad ass weapon in a movie, ever.

5.  Freddy Krueger

“One two Freddy’s coming for you…. Three, four better lock your door”….

Signature Move: Killing teenagers in their dreams with his man-made Wolverine claw.

You can stay out of the water, or out of the woods, but you can’t stop sleeping. That is what makes the dream demon Freddy Krueger one formidable killer.  He was born the bastard son of a nun raped by a 1000 maniacs – enough to screw up any kid. Freddy plagues the dreams of Elm Street’s inhabitants.  But what happens in their dreams becomes reality as the claw-gloved Freddy uses their deepest fears to torture and kill his victims. The worst part for me is, he habitually kills nerds, just like me. He once killed a comic artist by turning him into an actual paper drawing and then cutting him into pieces. Unlike Jason or Michael, Freddy will chat you up while chasing and murdering you.  And he is pretty funny. So while you will certainly die, and painfully of course, at least you might die laughing?

4.  Jason Voorhees

“Chh Chh Chh Chh Ha Ha Ha Ha…. Chh Chh Chh Chh  Ha Ha Ha Ha….”

Signature Move: Killing people while wearing an old school hockey goalie mask

Jason did for camps what Jaws did for the beach. Fucking ruined it! Movie killers don’t get more iconic than Jason. In the course of 26 years and 11 movies, Jason has taken down Manhattan, gone to hell and back, killed in space, and dueled it out with Freddy Krueger. He’s the modern-day version of the Frankenstein monster and almost as recognizable.  Part of Jason’s successful reign of terror is that he manages to turn virtually everything into a lethal weapon.  He’s butchered people with a pitchfork, ice picks, a party horn, a deep fryer and a sleeping bag.  When the motherfucker can end you with a  SLEEPING BAG! you know you are in deep shit…

3.  Norman Bates

“I think I must have one of those faces you can’t help believing”

Signature Move: Killing people while wearing his mother’s clothing.

Norman’s killing spree set the bar for longevity as the four Psycho movies were spread out over 30 years.  Loosely based on Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein, Norman has never quite gotten over the emotional abuse he received from his mother as a child.  Bonus points for being a sly, peeping-tom pervert, and that sweater is totally boss.

2.  Jaws

“Dun-nuh… Duh-nuh…”

Signature Move: Killing for food and revenge.

No horror movie ever effected so many people for so long.  Forget about the beach, kids worried about swimming pools,bathtubs, toilet bowls… you’d hear that damn soundtrack in your head.  Dun-nuh…. Dun-nuh… you are probably checking behind you right now.  And don’t think about leaving the country, because Jaws knows where you are.  Always.

1.  Hannibal Lecter

“I do wish we could chat longer, but… I’m having an old friend for dinner.”

Signature Move: Eating livers with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

First of all, the guy ate Ray Liota’s brain while he was still alive.  I needn’t go on, but I will.  Hannibal the Cannibal is brilliant, sadistic, and a complete madman. Unlike most brainless psycho killers, Hannibal is a genius.  He doesn’t need to wield a chainsaw or a pick axe.  A deadly stare or the sound of his voice is enough to send shivers down your spine.  He scared the hell out of an entire planet just standing behind a wall of glass talking to Jodi Foster.

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